Signe's Bio


"Signe Quinn Taff is the most articulate and charming spokesperson in Astrology today. She makes the most complex heavenly aspects seem magnificently down to earth." So says the renowned Jess Stearn, former Sunday editor of the New York Times and noted author of over twenty books.

Signe's weekly T.V. show, "Astrology with Signe Quinn Taff," airs on different cable markets in southern California. Her television show has a tremendous following with viewers of all ages. The show topics range from, "Your Monthly Forecasts," "Love Tips," to psychological topics such as, "Embracing the Magic of the Feminine".

Her ability to disseminate knowledge to the general public in a manner that is readily understood, is one of her greatest gifts. She taught Astrology classes for many years in Los Angeles and continues to teach workshops. Signe also writes a highly informative newsletter and has a very popular website (

Signe has appeared as a guest on major network television and radio programs as well.

Her fifteen year residence in Los Angeles created such a loyal celebrity, corporate and public clientele that her move to Sedona, Arizona has only enhanced her career. She is one of the few Astrologers in the world who makes her living totally from Astrology.

Signe entered the study of Astrology at age 17, when Carl Payne Tobey, America's foremost mathematician Astrologer, told her it was her destiny to become a great and famous Astrologer. During the time Signe was a prodigy of Mr. Tobey's, she also majored in her other love, drama. It was actually at a dinner of a well-known celebrity that Signe was persuaded to go into Astrology full-time because of her Astrological gift. Her theater training has only served her in public and on-air presentation of Astrology, resulting in a credibility and articulation that surpasses anyone else in the field.


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