Astrology and the Bible

It is unfortunate that most people have an opinion, even a judgment about subjects that they have not really looked into. So much harm has been done by people throughout history who have not taken the time to find the truth themselves, but have relied on other opinions and beliefs. Also, it is so very important that you get a recent Bible translation from the original Aramaic text such as the Revised English Bible (Oxford University Press) which is the most accurate and current translation, or the New American Bible (Collins World). So many other Bibles including the King James Version were translated from the Greek translations of the old text and unfortunately, the Greeks mistranslated quite a few words. I only ask that with God's guidance you read the following passages and reflect on their meaning and symbolism. These are just a few:

Genesis 1:14
"Then God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to separate the day from the night; and Let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years. " (It is the path of the earth around the Sun called the ecliptic, which is the plane of signs of the Zodiac, seasons, and what years are measured by.)

In Deuteronomy 18:9-14, the passage most quoted as opposing Astrology, there is no mention of Astrology or signs in any translation.It is only the King James Version, and not the Later and more accurate translations of the Bible that mentions "keepers of times. " For those that adhere to the King James Version the phrase, "keepers of time, " is in exact contradiction to Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 "
"For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the sun."

All religious holidays are based on Astrology, not Astronomy because the science of Astronomy was not around in those days. The people who calculated the time of the holidays were Astrologers. Even Easter Sunday is based on Astrology as it is always the first Sunday after the full moon occurring after the Sun enters Aries.

Also according to Rabbinical tradition the twelve tribes of Israel correlate to the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

In Judges 5:20, the story of the prophetess, Deborah, is yet another example of Astrological symbolism; Deborah exults that "the stars fought from heaven, the stars in their course fought against Sisera. "

How do the stars in their course fight?

In Astrology every celestial body has its course and represents signs of God's will.

Astrology is not a religion, it cannot save man, only man's relationship to God can save man. It is intended only as a tool to help man, for God created the planets and the stars and their orderly processes. Man did not invent Astrology.

In Job 38:31-32, when complaints are being made to God, God's response is:

Can you bind the cluster of the Pleiades or loose Orion's belt?

Can you bring out the signs of the zodiac in their season (some Bibles say "Mazzaroth" which is the Greek word for Zodiac),. . or guide Aldebaran and its satellite stars?

Did you proclaim the rules that govern the heavens or determine the laws of nature on the earth?

Can you command the clouds to envelop you in a deluge of rain?

(Notice again that the stars and the zodiac are associated with the orderly process of natural laws.)


In Isaiah 47:13-14, not any one can save Babylon including the Astrologers. Some people think this verse opposes Astrology. It doesn't. It is a condemnation of Babylon because of Babylon's lack of mercy.

In the New Testament, Matthew 2:1, the more recent and accurate translations of the Bible call the three Wise Men from the East, Astrologers (some Bibles use the word Magi which is the Greek word for Astrologer).

It is interesting to note that outside of the shepherds, the only others who knew of the time of Jesus' birth were the Astrologers.

In Revelation 4:7 "And the first animal was like a lion (symbol of Leo), and the second animal was like a bull (symbol of Taurus), and the third animal had a face of a man (symbol of Aquarius, the water bearing man), and the fourth animal was like a flying eagle (highest symbol of Scorpio)."

Some people say these are just symbolic of qualities, but that is precisely what Astrology is, signs of qualities and characteristics.

But more importantly for those that are unaware of Astrological symbolism, these four creatures follow the natural order in which they appear in the Zodiac as the Fixed Cross.

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