Moon Void

When the Moon is "Void of Course" do not schedule any important meetings, telephone calls, sign documents, travel, especially flying, or have any important work done for you.  It is also not a good time to plan a date with someone you've recently gotten involved with.  Several years ago, I asked all my top business clients to go back over their appointment books for a couple of years and re-examine any meetings or trips taken when the Moon was "Void of Course."  All of them came back to me and said that any business meeting that took place when the Moon was "Void of Course," the end result was that what was discussed never came to fruition.  The business trips that they took when the Moon was "Void of Course" resulted in the purpose of the trip being null and void.  Timing is one of the most important ingredients in being successful.  I hope you will take the opportunity to explore and utilize this information. I kindly suggest you purchase an Astrological Calendar for your time zone since there is so much misinformation on the internet and incorrect Moon void information.  Personally I no longer want to take the time to provide this information as my schedule has gotten even busier and there are accurate calendars available. Thank you for your understanding. 


In Love and Truth, SIGNE


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