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Dear Consciousness Seekers,

     SPRING WOBBLE alert: We begin this Wobble on March 18th which will last until May 4th.  The center of this Wobble is at 22 degrees and 11 minutes of Aries.  This Wobble is in conflict with Pluto reflecting intense power plays politically, escalation of conflicts globally and personally. Mother Nature erupts.  Anyone with Planets around 22 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will feel these energies more intensely. What to do?  First of all do not react from your emotions.  Look at the situation and or person as if you are watching a movie and remove yourself from any volatile situation and or person.  It is not the time to tell someone what you think of them.  People are so over reactive these days and during a Wobble even more so. People are not waiting to get the facts and are rushing to judgment in their personal lives and politically as well. Reason has gone out the window.  Stay calm! 

     In addition we have a Super Full Moon on March 20th the day of the Vernal Equinox when Spring officially begins as the Sun enters Aries. During much of March, Mercury the Planet reflecting thought processes and communication is Retrograde from March 5th at 10:19 am pacific time to March 28th when it goes forward at 6:59 am pacific time. It is retrograde in the Sign of Pisces.  Mercury Retrograde is always a time when many can feel deeply depressed and often there are more suicides and irrational acts harming others. The mark of a successful person is someone who will get professional help for over whelming feelings. The greatest gift we have is Life. 

    During difficult times we all need someone to lean on.  If you feel you have no one who understands, reach out get involved with a meditation group, attend a grief group, and or be part of a spiritual fellowship.  Also there are unseen guides and Beings who are around to assist you if you pay attention to your intuition. Animals though a different species than humans are emotionally very evolved and caring.  Feel their love and companionship.  These are challenging times and it is all about transformation on all levels.  Embrace your Journey.

In Love and Truth, Signe



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